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Delete your iTunes

November 19th, 2008 · No Comments

apple-sucks Not all of Apple’s offerings are shiny and perfect. And when it comes to iTunes,  most sane people will agree that this music player is just plain ugly. I applaud Scott Gilberson for calling it like it is in his blog post, “The Top Ten Reasons iTunes Sucks”. Here are his main beefs:

1. It’s a store stupid
2. The library manager is prehistoric
3. No web browser/Wikipedia/anything
4. No plug-in architecture
5. Massive memory footprint
6. No support for other music formats Ogg/FLAC/etc.
7. Drag and drop sucks
8. Bloatware downloads
9. Can’t use iPod as a music transport with iTunes
10. iTunes is slow

I can’t stand iTunes. Every time I open it (which, admittedly isn’t very often), it wants to upgrade and install all sorts of  memory and bandwidth leeches. The only feature I like is the party shuffle. But I don’t have many parties.

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