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New professional website

May 27th, 2011 · No Comments

I've created a new professional website to replace this aging one that doesn't even render properly in most resolutions. I bought the URL vancouverwriter.ca and put up something a little more modern. Just to be clear, I'm still happy in my present position at Vtech, but wanted to keep my html coding skills fresh, keep the portfolio up to date, and have a little fun to boot. I envision moving my professional presence away from wordbit.freehostia.com and using this new site as a more focused single-purpose portfolio site. Wordbit was always more of a mish-mash blog anyway with a business sock on one foot and a sweat sock on the other. Oh, and vancouverwriter.ca is flash free so should look great on your iPad! Now is that bleeding edge, or what?

Tags: employment · writing