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You were judged by classmates and faculty in Creative Writing and English to have shown excellence in your academic activities and in your striving for achievement in writing. One comment noted you were one of the best students in all the classes taught in the nominator’s career…Many of the comments about your success evolved around your contributions to the development of writing skill in your classmates, in that you offered your services as an editor and critic without being negative about mistakes. “His intellectual rigour is his most praiseworthy trait”.

Fran Johnson, Chairperson, Educational Excellence Committee and

Susan Witter, President, Douglas College

I vividly recall Mr. Giraud as one of the best students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. Every assignment he submitted to me was excellent. Mr. Giraud is possessed of excellent analytical skills and is a highly motivated and keen learner…Mr. Giraud is also a first-rate writer. His written work is fluent, sophisticated, and impeccably correct.

Karen Cowan, Academic Writing Instructor, Douglas College

His writing style was lucid as well as original. He received the Student Excellence and Achievement Award in 2000 and is considered by myself and other Creative Writing Instructors one of our most exceptional young writers.

Susan McCaslin, Creative Writing Instructor, Douglas College

Mr. Giraud has a passion for writing and what I have read of his has been humorous as well as thought provoking and by no means shallow. He is an eloquent writer and poet and some of his poetry has been used as teaching material in the past…Mr. Giraud has a unique ability to be able to capture his thoughts and experiences of the world around him in words.

Maike Stepanek, Teacher and Colleague

Antoine created lessons that were outstanding in every aspect. He produced exemplary written work that was both interesting and professional. His final written assignment was demonstrative of an extraordinary ability in writing. Academically, Antoine was highly successful and graduated at the top of his class.

David Christopher, Dean of TESL program at Pan Pacific College

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